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Greyhound's new premium bus service comes to California

Greyhound, the United States' largest long-distance bus line, has recently expanded its new premium, non-stop service to the West Coast. On May 2, Greyhound Express was introduced in California ahead of the summer travel season. This new service can get you from Los Angeles to San Francisco via Oakland or San Jose, and from Los Angeles to Sacramento via various locations in California’s Central Valley region.

Get two-for-one train tickets for California travel, through January 2012

Ah, the golden age of train travel -- it was faster than a horse, more comfortable than a Model T, and at times a very glamorous way to get around, especially in the American West. Then the space-age appeal of commercial jets, not to mention the fashionable flight attendants of Pan Am, left train travel in the dust.

New Terminal 2 opens at SFO April 14

If you're flying to/from San Francisco on American Airlines or Virgin America this summer, you're in for a treat -- after more than two years and $383 million in renovations, the San Francisco International Airport's Terminal 2 opens for domestic flights on April 14. It's the first LEED Gold-certified terminal in the country, and its unique, forward-thinking design aims to make travel more comfortable and convenient for the modern traveler.