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Day tripping to California's historic Gold Country

Modern California holds sprawling metropolitan areas, the biggest population of all the United States, and the eighth largest economy in the world. But prior to the mid-1800s, California was a land of sleepy settlements. Now densely populated, San Francisco had only 459 residents in 1847. Everything changed when gold was discovered east of Sacramento in 1848, and the rush of gold prospectors that followed gave rise to California as we know it today.

There's still time for fun in the Sacramento sun at Lake Natoma

Sacramentans know that summer weather doesn't end until Halloween. That means while visiting Sacramento this fall there's still plenty of time to pretend it's July. One of the best ways to extend your holiday is to visit a favorite local spot -- Lake Natoma, where the Nimbus Dam helps with flood control and salmon come to spawn. On a hot summer day, the water is calm and cool, a perfect place for practicing your kayaking, rowing, or sailing skills.