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Point Reyes Hostel's new building receives LEED Gold certification

The future is looking golden for the Point Reyes Hostel! Last February we opened our new "green" building, and now we've officially received a LEED Gold rating.

Built to LEED Silver standards, the new building has exceeded expectations by receiving Gold, the second highest rating in the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) system. LEED ratings are based on a 100-point scale across 5 categories. The LEED rating categories are: Sustainable Sites, for encouraging strategies that minimize the impact on ecosystems and water resources; Water Efficiency, for promoting smarter use of water, inside and out, to reduce potable water consumption; Energy and Atmosphere, for promoting better energy performance through innovative strategies; Materials and Resources, for using sustainable building materials and reducing waste; and Indoor Environmental Quality, for promoting better indoor air quality and access to daylight and views.

Utilizing recycled construction materials, solar panels, low-irrigation native plants, and energy-efficient heating and cooling systems, the Point Reyes Hostel's LEED building is a truly environmentally friendly facility. Funding for this ambitious project was secured by the National Park Service (which operates the National Seashore where the hostel is located) from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act and the California Coastal Conservancy.

The LEED-certified facility is one of 3 buildings that make up the Point Reyes Hostel, but the entire hostel is also a certified green business, committed to promoting environmentally responsible travel. Our Marin Headlands, Pigeon Point Lighthouse, and Point Montara Lighthouse hostels are certified green businesses as well. And in 2012, our San Francisco City Center Hostel received Energy Star certification from the Environmental Protection Agency, for being among the top 1% for energy efficiency among hotels of comparable sizes.

Note: A previous version of this article erroneously stated that the Point Reyes Hostel was the first hostel in the U.S. to receive LEED certification. That honor goes to The Crash Pad in Chattanooga, Tennessee, which was certified LEED Platinum in 2012.

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