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7 Images to Make You Fall in Love with HI Pigeon Point Lighthouse Hostel

pigeon point lighthouse fool moon

It’s pretty much impossible to say which HI USA hostel is the fairest of them all since the selection ranges from havens in secluded National Parks, to architectural eye treats in city centers and beachside paradises on the coast. HI Pigeon Point Lighthouse is one of these beauties and a favorite for travelers and San Franciscans looking take in the unending natural splendor and refreshing salty scent of pure ocean air. And like all HI USA hostels, this one also has its own distinct personality and flavor. We wanted to highlight the everyday magic of this hostel so you can get a taste of the charm, experience some of General Manager Jeff Parry’s stunning photography and fall in love a little. Feeling inspired? Recreate the magic of these photos for yourself by booking your stay at the hostel right here! 

HI Pigeon Point at sunset 

hi pigeon point lighthouse hostel pacific ocean 
Image:Jeff Perry

The official best place to view the sunset at HI Pigeon Point must be the hostel’s famous cliff-side hot tub. But no worries if you can’t snag a spot at the right time, because the sun tucking behind the sea is a spectacular site from almost anywhere here. This photo, from the hostel's instagram page , is of the canyon just off the point. 

The lighthouse as a projector screen 

hi pigeon point lighthouse 143 anniversary 2015
Image: Jeff Perry

Every year the California State Parks and the Coastside State Parks Association celebrate the Pigeon Point Light Station with an afternoon of fun activities, like grounds tours, live music, scavenger hunts and an outdoor slide show projected onto the 115-foot tower. This year’s event takes place in November for the 144th anniversary of the lighthouse. 

Super succulents 

California succulents hi pigeon point lighthouse hostel
Image: Jeff Perry

Like all HI USA hostels, HI Pigeon Point Lighthouse is committed to sustainable and eco-friendly travel, making sure the grounds and buildings minimize their impact on the environment. Succulents, like the rose-like ones in this picture, are native to California and need very little water, which means that this pretty bouquet does no harm. 

The perfect place for stargazing 

santa cruz astronomy club hi pigeon point lighthouse hostel
Image: Jeff Perry 

General Manager Jeff is passionate about making HI Pigeon Point Lighthouse a destination that is completely unmarred by light pollution so that the night sky can shine in all its glory. During Earth Hour in 2016, the Santa Cruz Astronomy Club brought their gear to the hostel so the community of locals and travelers could delight in the wonder that is the universe. 

Pumkins on the beach (?!) 

hi pigeon point lighthouse hostel beach with pumpkins
Image: Jane Mauss 

Strange things sometimes happen when you’re on the coast and at the mercy of the elements! This picture was taken after a particularly powerful winter storm, which blew pumpkins from a nearby field onto the beach making for a surreal and absurd California meets Halloween scene.  

Window to the ocean 

hi pigeon point lighthouse hostel tidepools & tidepooling
Image: Jeff Perry

Just a short walk away from the hostel’s front door, you’ll find an oceanic city of tide pools colored with urchins and anemones, seaweeds and sea creatures swimming in the clear pebbled waters trapped between craggy rocks. It’s easy to lose yourself for hours in just one small spot. 

A pretty picture and a haiku 

california sunset hi pigeon point lighthouse hostel
Image: Jane Mauss 

If there’s just one good reason to follow HI Pigeon Point on Facebook, it’s the haikus regularly posted by the hostel’s housekeeper, Jane Mauss. The talented wordsmith paints pictures of life, from shark attacks and bathing seals to good and bad weather, using just a few syllables. The haiku for this picture: 
Just as the bats come 
out, winging freely, looping 
under the beacon 


See more beautiful hostels across the country by following HI USA on Facebook and Instagram, and then go out and experience them for yourself in real life!  

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