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Pigeon Point Lighthouse Hostel now offers free wireless Internet access

The Pigeon Point Lighthouse Hostel is now a wireless hot spot! With the installation of a new high-speed satellite and wireless network throughout the hostel, guests can now bring their laptops and surf the Internet for free. The wireless Ethernet even reaches the observation deck at the point, so you can whale-watch while you surf!

San Francisco Rising: Celebrating the Great Quake

The story is familiar to every school child in the San Francisco Bay Area. On April 18, 1906, at 5:12 a.m. the city of San Francisco and the surrounding countryside were shaken by a powerful earthquake. Buildings toppled, streets buckled, and a train was thrown from its tracks. Fires quickly broke out, and the ensuing conflagration grew into a firestorm that destroyed much of the city, killed thousands of people, displaced tens of thousands more, and dramatically altered the lives of Northern Californians.