Why Travelers Love Staying at Hostels

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There’s so much to love about traveling – new experiences, new sights, new foods, and new memories – especially when you choose to make your home base a HI USA hostel where people from all over the world get to meet because of their common passion. Along with knowing that after a day’s worth of epic exploring you’ve got a comfortable place to rest and relax, staying at our hostels also means that you’re pretty much guaranteed to find something new to fall in love with while you’re on the road, whether it’s a new friend or a new favorite street in a city. In the spirit of Valentines and the month of love, we asked a few of our guests staying at HI San Francisco Downtown and HI San Francisco City Center to tell us what they love about staying with us and hostels around the world. 

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Katherine from Australia 

“I really like the people that you meet at hostels and the fact that you have to share rooms, so every day, or every couple of days, you meet someone new and learn a different story. It’s very interesting and it’s something different to what you would do if you were staying in a hotel, I think. You learn a lot. 

The hostels I’ve stayed at have all been quite different because there’s a different vibe every place you go. I really like the San Francisco hostel and this common area the way you can just chill and just talk to people.”

Stefano from Italy 

“I love hostels because you meet different people from different countries and maybe make a friendship and travel together.

One of my favorite hostels I’ve stayed at was in Colombia. It was a pretty quiet place, close to the beach and you could leave your stuff anywhere and nobody would steal it. The guests were also really nice and I made friends with these guys from France.” 

Noraly from the Netherlands 

“I like it here because it’s okay being alone, you feel safe around here and you can people-watch the other travelers who are interesting. I feel safe being alone as a girl.” 

Ban Mo from Hong Kong 

“I love hostels because I dislike the feeling of being lonely and I want to make new friends. I travel by myself mostly, so I don’t need a big room and staying at a hotel can be expensive. At hotels, it feels like no one wants to make friends because they don’t have to leave their room. But at hostels, I make friends and I get to know what their country is like – the history and what their everyday life is like – and everybody is so friendly. I love hostels.”

Steven from Kenya (lives in Amsterdam)

“I’m here with a group from university and we travel quite a lot, so everywhere we go, we generally stay at hostels. I really like the clean refined ones, like this one [HI SF Downtown], which is pretty up there because it has a lot of good services and activities.”  


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