Elephant seals return to Ano Nuevo and Point Reyes

Hunted to the brink of extinction at the turn of the 20th century, the northern elephant seal has made a strong comeback in the past 100 years, thanks in part to both government restrictions on hunting and their own secluded, deep-sea lifestyle. For just a few months each year, these unique creatures come ashore, returning to various spots along the California coast to compete, mate, and give birth.

Marine Mammal Center in the Marin Headlands re-opens to visitors on June 15

Based in the Marin Headlands, the Marine Mammal Center is a nonprofit veterinary hospital, research, and educational center dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of ill and injured marine mammals. Since 1975, the center has rescued and treated more than 14,000 marine mammals, including elephant seals, harbor seals, otters, and California sea lions.