The Bay Bridge's new eastern span set to open September 3

The Bay Bridge

Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes. The Bay Bridge has been through a slew of them over the past decade, and last week the Toll Bridge Program Oversight Committee unanimously voted to open the new eastern span on September 3, following a six-day closure over Labor Day weekend. The Bay Bridge -- which has been under construction since 2002 -- will shut down to commuters at 8 p.m. on Wednesday, August 28.

Golden Gate Bridge launches electronic-only toll collection

On March 27, San Francisco's iconic International Orange bridge bids a fond farewell to its 28 toll booth collectors and ushers in a new era of commuter technology. From now on, computers and cameras will electronically collect the tolls, making the Golden Gate Bridge the first bridge in California to switch to an electronic-only toll collect system.

San Francisco hostels launch new discount programs

Pinching pennies is a way of life for backpackers on the road, but visiting a world-class tourist gem like San Francisco can be a bottomless black hole of pricey drinks, hefty museum admissions, expensive excursions, and more-than-you-bargained-for meals. Fear not, dear traveler -- San Francisco can be fresh without the lettuce! Our San Francisco hostels have rounded up a whole new batch of discounts for guests, from neighborhood businesses as well as some major attractions.