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It's time to party like you've got one horcrux left! Or if you're not a fan of the famous wizarding series, then party like you're in San Francisco with an awesome local guide! Meet Jesse James: Harry Potter enthusiast, dive bar aficionado, off-beat historian, and public transportation pro. As the activities coordinator at the San Francisco Downtown Hostel, Jesse plans fun and interactive events that leave guests stupefied.

San Francisco Classics: A walking tour of city originals (both famed and fabled)

Known originally as Yerba Buena, San Francisco was once a tiny, rural village with 500 permanent inhabitants. It was barely a town before the discovery of gold in 1849 and the mass migration that soon followed – by the end of that year, the lure of gold had drawn 25,000 new residents. From that initial spark, San Francisco burst onto the world stage as a city of overnight invention, and has since become the birthplace of many original and innovative creations.

Urban Hiking: The Barbary Coast Trail

Hoping to continue our "Urban Hiking" series, which has so far taken readers across the Golden Gate Bridge and through Golden Gate Park, I set out to find an urban trek from our San Francisco Downtown Hostel. There aren't many parks nearby big enough to warrant a trip, and the most popular walking paths downtown are between the many stores in the Union Square shopping district.