Walk Among Giants: 7 places to see the majestic California redwoods

There are giants in California. They jut out of soil dampened by fog rolling in from the Pacific and reach greater heights than any other living thing on the planet. They are the coast redwoods: the world’s tallest trees. Many of them grow to be over 200 feet tall and the tallest soar to over 350 feet -- higher than a 30 story skyscraper.

Brannan Street Wharf opens for Bayside basking in San Francisco

On July 17, the Port of San Francisco unveiled the new 57,000-square-foot Brannan Street Wharf which overlooks San Francisco Bay, and on clear days, offers idyllic views of the Bay Bridge, Treasure Island, and the East Bay. Located on The Embarcadero between the Ferry Building and AT&T Ballpark, the triangle-shaped wharf includes an inviting lawn, bayside plaza and walkway, shade structure and seating, and a small floating dock for kayaks.

Wildlife Watch: Tips for spotting species in the Marin Headlands

The picturesque Marin Headlands, located just across the Golden Gate Bridge from San Francisco, is an ideal destination for wildlife watching. As part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area (GGNRA), the entirety of the Headlands, including the historic Marin Headlands Hostel, reside within federally protected lands, and enfold an astounding richness of biological diversity.