Streets of San Francisco: Dim sum and French flare on Clement Street

There is something exciting and unexpected around every corner in San Francisco; at 49 square miles with less than a million people, this town is jam-packed with awesome. For our latest series, "Streets of San Francisco," we zero in on a small section of this great city to find what's good in the 'hood.  Last time, we sampled tacos and gazed at the murals of lower 24th Street in the Mission District. Now, we head into the oft foggy and always cool Inner Richmond neighborhood to get a taste of Clement Street, between Arguello and 12th Avenue.

Meet the Neighbors: Gangway Bar

Dim lighting and a warm welcome await any thirsty visitor to the historic Gangway bar on Larkin Street, just three blocks from the San Francisco City Center Hostel. Slinging booze for over a hundred years is no small feat, so for our latest installment of "Meet the Neighbors" we head over to this windowless pub in the heart of the Tenderloin to find out how they spike their punch.

San Francisco hostels launch new discount programs

Pinching pennies is a way of life for backpackers on the road, but visiting a world-class tourist gem like San Francisco can be a bottomless black hole of pricey drinks, hefty museum admissions, expensive excursions, and more-than-you-bargained-for meals. Fear not, dear traveler -- San Francisco can be fresh without the lettuce! Our San Francisco hostels have rounded up a whole new batch of discounts for guests, from neighborhood businesses as well as some major attractions.

Free Chinatown tours, tea tastings, midnight movies, and more at the SF City Center Hostel

San Francisco is a city unlike any other, but snapping a few shots of that golden bridge and riding those cute cable cars is not the way to fully experience it. Enter Anthony Jones, activities coordinator for the City Center Hostel. A San Francisco native with an excess of eclectic interests, Anthony perfectly embodies the spirit of this town: diverse, interesting, unexpected, and extremely open.