The Coit Tower Murals: 1930s California, frozen in time

A distinct component of the San Francisco skyline, Coit Tower stands out from the crowd. North of the Financial District's highrises, the 210-foot art deco tower juts into the sky from the top of Telegraph Hill. For many, the highlight of visiting the tower is taking an elevator ride to the top for a wonderful panorama of the city, the bay, and its famous islands and bridges.

San Francisco hostels launch new discount programs

Pinching pennies is a way of life for backpackers on the road, but visiting a world-class tourist gem like San Francisco can be a bottomless black hole of pricey drinks, hefty museum admissions, expensive excursions, and more-than-you-bargained-for meals. Fear not, dear traveler -- San Francisco can be fresh without the lettuce! Our San Francisco hostels have rounded up a whole new batch of discounts for guests, from neighborhood businesses as well as some major attractions.

A guide to galleries in San Francisco's Tenderloin

Hidden in the gritty streets of San Francisco's Tenderloin District is a burgeoning urban art scene. While it may be difficult to spot at first glance, if you look for it, you'll find creativity flourishing in the innovative galleries that dot the neighborhood. In these places, the Tenderloin reveals itself as a fantastic destination for people who are seeking to find what's at the fringes and the forefront of the art world.