Celebrate spring with a tour of San Francisco's garden blooms

Spring in San Francisco is more a change in attitude than solar inclinations. With the average temperature hovering around 60 degrees year-round, extremes of hot and cold are rare. As Goldilocks said to the three bears, "it's just right" hereabouts. And the sublime rise of San Francisco springtime is an ideal time to experience the city's perennial favorites in greenery scenery.

Free attractions for Sacramento visitors

With all the financial demands we face, it's nice to know that Sacramento is not only a great vacation destination, but also an affordable one. Listed below is a sampling of free attractions that represent Sacramento's identity as the home of the Gold Rush, state capital of California, agricultural powerhouse, and unique, modern city. Enjoy all that money can't buy, in Sacramento!

New Museum of the African Diaspora opens in San Francisco

Opening on December 3 in San Francisco’s SOMA district, the Museum of the African Diaspora (MoAD) is dedicated to celebrating the universal connection of all people through a common association with Africa, the cradle of humankind. According to the museum's organizers, "Whether we live in India, Fiji, Germany, France, Spain, Mexico, or the United States, everyone is part of the African Diaspora, literally the scattering of people from their homeland -- as Africa is the original birthplace of us all."

New de Young Museum opens in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park

On October 15, the de Young Museum reopened in Golden Gate Park, in a landmark new building designed by Pritzker Prize-winning architects Jacques Herzog and Pierre de Meuron. With a groundbreaking design that dramatically integrates art, architecture, and nature, the new building presents the de Young's diverse collections -- encompassing American painting and decorative arts, and arts of the Americas, the Pacific Islands, and Africa -- in specially designed galleries that allow visitors to experience, under one roof, both the distinctions and the connections between the art of different cultures and eras.