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Day at the Beach: Organic produce and counter-culture in Bolinas

Bolinas, California is a faraway place. Technically, it's only 25 miles from the Marin Headlands Hostel and 19 miles from the Point Reyes Hostel, but it's as far away from the rest of Marin County as you can get. This tiny, unincorporated town without a mayor or a city hall maintains such an indie, insular culture, and an obvious aversion to non-native species, that it's literally off-the-map.

Free "treat tastings," bike tours, pub crawls, and more at the SF Fisherman's Wharf Hostel

Ever wonder who serves the best Bloody Mary in San Francisco? Or where to go to see the best free view? How about where the weirdest fish store is located? Well wonder no more, because guests of the San Francisco Fisherman's Wharf Hostel can ask all these burning questions, and more, to Mel Hackett, the dynamic hostel activities coordinator with a penchant for graphic design, handmade jewelry, Mexican food, and Swedish pop.

Streets of San Francisco: Dim sum and French flare on Clement Street

There is something exciting and unexpected around every corner in San Francisco; at 49 square miles with less than a million people, this town is jam-packed with awesome. For our latest series, "Streets of San Francisco," we zero in on a small section of this great city to find what's good in the 'hood.  Last time, we sampled tacos and gazed at the murals of lower 24th Street in the Mission District. Now, we head into the oft foggy and always cool Inner Richmond neighborhood to get a taste of Clement Street, between Arguello and 12th Avenue.

Sacramento's Fresh Brew: Local, artisan coffee and a new breed of cafes

Independent cafes that serve high-quality coffee have cropped up across the country, and these days a new generation of coffee connoisseurs are raising the (espresso) bar and progressing our palates beyond the Starbucks daily brew. Sacramento visitors may be surprised to discover a thriving coffee culture in the Capitol City that rivals neighboring San Francisco. Locally roasted, small-batch coffee can be found at a handful of popular cafes in Downtown and Midtown, all conveniently located near the Sacramento Hostel.