Summertime Fairs: Pigs, pies, prizes, oh my!

Everybody loves a county fair, unless they hate fun! County fairs are classic American pastimes, not to mention absolute staples of summer, like ice cream and sunburns. Care to partake in this summertime merriment while visiting one of our Northern California hostels? Well then throw on some cowboy boots and buckle your wonky, rollercoaster seatbelt -- here's our round up of the biggest and best state and county fairs.

Inside Scoop: Becca's offbeat events in San Francisco

Becca Macfife is a Bay Area native and a front desk associate at the San Francisco Downtown Hostel. When not working the desk, she's probably out being an explorer of the world, educating the masses with the local nonprofit San Francisco Sex Information, or talking to strangers. She has been known to keep a tutu on hand, you know, "just in case."

World's largest light sculpture set to shine on the Bay Bridge for two years

Beginning with the grand opening ceremony at dusk on March 5 and continuing until midnight, the San Francisco Bay Bridge will be transformed into a dazzling fine arts experience that will illuminate the skyline every night for two years. The Bay Lights project was conceived by internationally acclaimed artist Leo Villareal and his vision of turning the bridge into the world's largest light sculpture.