San Francisco hostels offer "Alternative Breaks" for students

Experience the city in a way few tourists ever do!

Are you looking to spend your Winter, Spring, or Summer Break in an exciting, vibrant city, while also interacting with the local community and contributing to social justice causes? Looking for a getaway that's affordable, fun, and meaningful? Bring your student group to Hostelling International San Francisco!

HI-San Francisco offers group package deals at an affordable rate that include accommodation as well as volunteer opportunities for the duration of your stay. As part of this program, we organize short-term volunteer projects with community agencies addressing such issues as poverty, racism, hunger, homelessness, and the environment. You'll be making an important contribution to social justice causes, and be engaged in working with members of communities with whom you otherwise might have little direct contact. Your program will be tailored to your group's specific interests, paving the way for a potentially life-changing experience through social awareness and activism.

The Service Learning and Alternative Breaks program at HI-San Francisco is about working for positive social change in one of North America's favorite hostel destinations. You’ll get to experience all the things that make San Francisco a famous destination, while also learning about the city and its people in a way that few tourists ever do!

Call the group sales department at our national toll-free number 1-877-GO HOSTEL or email, and we'll provide you with all the details you need. Happy hostelling!

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