OHA Benefit Concert with Anthony Jones and Special Guest Monica Richards

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As part of this year’s Sleep For Peace events in San Francisco, some of HI San Francisco City Center’s talented staff teamed up with local musicians for a live concert at DNA Lounge on Wednesday, September 21. The show featured Anthony Jones performing his brand of alternative darkwave music alongside the well renowned artist and performer Monica Richards of Faith and the Muse and Strange Boutique. This stellar line-up was rounded out with local acts Unwoman and Worm Ouroboros, plus an art display from another HI SF City Center staff member, Valin Mattheis. 

Aside from offering an enchanting evening of interesting music and art, the concert at the DNA Lounge gave hostel guests a taste of San Francisco’s underground alternative scene while creating awareness for HI USA’s Outdoor Hostel Adventure (OHA) program to the rest of the community. “We’re always hosting events to raise events for other organizations, like GLIDE or St. Anthony’s, so this time I thought it would be nice to give back to our organization,” said Anthony. “And OHA is something that everyone can get behind.” All proceeds of the concert went towards a scholarship fund for Bay Area youth who otherwise wouldn’t have the opportunity to go out and experience the local natural environment. Monica Richards also sold copies of her recently released coloring book for adults, The Goddess, to contribute to the cause. 

dna lounge oha fundraiser monica richards hiusa

“This event is a personal labor of love that has been built with the huge help and support of HI SF City Center’s Daniel Price, who will be joining us on guitars and percussion, and many volunteers and local artists,” Anthony said. The audience was wowed by the variety of entertainment, from the singers and instruments including a string ensemble, to belly dancers and visual art that was on display. Valin’s mix media creations (using ink and gold leaf) were part of a new collection, part of which can be seen hanging on the walls on the hostel’s mezzanine common area, and he hopes the crowd left with an appreciation for the mysteries of the Universe after seeing his work.

By all accounts, this was a highly entertaining evening, made even better by the fact that it was held in honor of a good cause.


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