New Redwood Hostel receives initial funding from the California Coastal Conservancy

We're happy to announce that our goal to reopen a Redwood National Park hostel is now one step closer to reality! The California Coastal Conservancy has awarded up to $144,500 to the National Park Service, to select a site within Redwood National and State Parks and complete preliminary architectural designs for a Redwood Hostel by July 2012.

Preliminary criteria for site selection include that the future hostel be in Del Norte County, close to both Highway 101 and the Coastal Trail, in an area with sufficient access to services, and on a site where development will have minimal adverse effects on natural and cultural resources.

The former Redwood Hostel was closed in January 2010, after architectural inspections revealed that the historic pioneer homestead needed substantial repairs, including seismic retrofitting and renovations to bring the building into compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. An early estimate assessed the cost of these repairs at $1.5 million, prompting the Park Service and Hostelling International to consider alternative locations and the possibility of developing a purpose-built hostel.

The National Park Service welcomes public comment on the project: please contact Aida Parkinson, Supervisory Environmental Specialist, at or PO Box 7, Orick, CA 95555.

Our thanks to everyone who has expressed support for this hostel -- we share your enthusiasm and commitment to seeing a Redwood Hostel once again open its doors! Please stay tuned for updates.

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