Hostelling International sponsors March edition of Bands That Rock

The HI-USA Golden Gate Council is proud to sponsor Bands That Rock, a series of monthly shows at 330 Ritch in San Francisco, featuring the Bay Area's hottest emerging bands. Shows unfurl the fourth Friday of every month, and Hostelling International members get in free!

This month's Bands That Rock are Happily Ever After, Pets in Trees, Popikok, and Springfield. Check 'em out on March 24 -- for free!

About PopiKoK
An electro/alterna-rock band from L.A. with gigs at the House of Blues, the Avalon, the Viper Room, and the Whiskey under their belts, PopiKoK "supports all artists who sell no part of their souls while charging forward to secure a place for their art in a scene/business that has turned all art into a formula based on profit margins and product development."

Band Members: Michael Satro (lead vocals), Stefano Trampetti (drums/percussion and part-time pimp thru silent ruling), Jesse Charland (bass on your soul extorting the heat and drive), Dylan Charbeneau (keys/synth -- intricate weave of brilliant insanity at the level of evolutionary boundary increases), Tim Friederlander (guitar)

About Springfield

After moving to San Francisco from Cary, North Carolina, Josh Merry (vocals and guitar), Sean Reilly (guitar), and Cassidy Price (drums), all formerly of nicofiends, found a fourth band member to hold down the low end on bass, Josh Heiskell. After two years of practicing and sitting in a shitty overpriced apartment they have begun playing shows in San Francisco and the Bay Area and are quickly making a name for themselves.

Pets in Trees
Pets in Trees is one of the newer bands to emerge from the downtown San Francisco scene. Their name is based on a rearrangement of the letters in "Pine Street," where their first songs were written. Formed in late 2004, they've been hard at work writing and recording their first EP, soon to be released on self-managed Evil Orange Records. The current line-up consists of Harry Kniznik (drums), Kiley Johnson (bass, vocals), Dan Siddique (guitar, vocals), and Joel Case (guitar, vocals).

The founding members have deep roots in the Pacific Northwest and were heavily influenced by the independent spirit for which that region is known. Their live set ranges from delicate to distorted, from dynamic to serene, infused with garage rock energy and pop sensibility. Newly transplanted to California, they eagerly await the chance to bring their sound to the open-minded audiences of San Francisco and Berkeley. Intent on crafting their songs to be melodic and graceful, the band strives for perfect communication, and this honest effort is what continues to win them the hearts of their listeners.

Happily Ever After
Band Members: Cole Croshaw (music/lyrics, keyboards), Kate Baker (vocals, lyrics), Nick Fynn (guitar), Drew (drums)

Influences: Thompson Twins, New Order, Killers, The Cure, Depeche Mode, Cold Play, Garbage, Pulp, Radiohead, Snow Patrol, Duran Duran, Erasure, Billy Idol, Human League, The Cars, Bowie, The Lovemakers, Roxy Music

Bands That Rock is presented by Ripstar -- uniting artists and audiences thru music. Bands and visual artists send submissions to 806 Moultrie Street, San Francisco, CA 94110.

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