Hostelling International sponsors Bands That Rock

The HI-USA Golden Gate Council is proud to sponsor Bands That Rock, a series of monthly shows at 330 Ritch in San Francisco, featuring the Bay Area's hottest emerging bands. Shows unfurl the fourth Friday of every month, and Hostelling International members get in free!

On Feb. 24, check out performances by Inverness, Eyeknife, All Ages, Round Three Fight, Sueco, and DJ Fabbri, plus visual art installations by Robert Jackson, Chris Fabbri, and others.

Come out and see Bands That Rock -- for free!

About Inverness
The story of Inverness is a story forged in blood. That's right. James Parr, Travis Richardson, Michael Pinochi, and Danny Parr -- who all grew up together in the Bay Area suburb of Pacifica -- long ago made a gruesome blood pact to be the greatest band in the universe (or, at least, within a five-mile radius of the Pacifica Taco Bell). They had no other choice 'cuz they all sucked at sports.

Over the last 106 (give or take a 100), Inverness has: (a) pumped out a number of aggressive, melodic, hook-filled songs that have ranged in style from pop-punk to hard rock to emo; (b) won battle-of-the-bands competitions without even having to sleep with any of the judges; (c) played gigs all over, from Bay Area teen centers that smelled like feet to now-defunct cafes in Fullerton to parks in Hollister filled with Hell's Angels; and (d) released a now out-of-print self-titled debut EP produced by Andy Ernst, who has also produced albums for Green Day, AFI, and Rancid.

Because of (a), (b), (c), and (d) (and (e), (f), (g), and the rest of the alphabet), Inverness has -- at the very least -- earned the distinction of being the greatest band in their own minds. The universe (and the five-mile radius of the Pacifica Taco Bell) will surely catch up someday soon, and, if you don't think so, then Inverness will get a bunch of Hell's Angels to come to your house and kick your ass. (See (c).)

About All Ages
All Ages is a power pop quartet whose sound is best described as "Noise Pop": crushing guitar, melodic bass, harmonious synth, powerful drumming, emotional lyrics, and passionate screams. The band writes punk love songs with an underlying message of revolution and change. Their playing is snarly and tricky but unfailingly tuneful, and the hooks come out of nowhere: instantly catchy, meaty riffs, crushing grind, and heavy, melodic grooves. Recalling a cross between Nirvana and Weezer with a few splashes of punk and hardcore.

About Eyeknife
Bands Members: Caroline Pardo (guitar, vocals, falling down and knocking stuff over), Paul Somerville (bass, crashing motorcycles), Johnny Venus (drums, nipple piercings, crashing motorcycles).

Sounds Like: The Cardigans seducing The Pixies as The Smashing Pumpkins show Rilo Kiley how to work a distortion pedal.

About Round Three Fight

Round Three Fight delivers carefully crafted compositions, sweet endless hook after hook, and lingering-taste melodies and harmonies, all delivered through an energetic and memorable live experience. Mike Bombon (vocals), Todd Yates (lead guitar), Chris Beanan (rhythm guitar, vocals), Phil Silva (bass, vocals), and Eric Alvarez (drums) are a pop-punk band with broad influences, whose re-interpretation of a fading genre is full of honest angst and a kind of hopeless romantic confession that's instantly relatable.

About DJ Fabbri
DJ Fabbri (Chris Fabbri) is a visual artist, curator, and fan of electronic music. He spins a mix of downtempo, mash-ups, techno, house, jungle, and indie pop rock on a dual CD player.

About Sueco
Sueco is a performer/songwriter hailing from Philadelphia through Sweden.

Bands That Rock is presented by Ripstar -- uniting artists and audiences thru music. Bands and visual artists send submissions to 806 Moultrie Street, San Francisco, CA 94110.

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