Call for entries: HI-USA International Exchange Program

Application deadline: April 28, 2006

For two weeks this summer, young people from Germany, Morocco, Tunisia, and the United States will gather at the HI-New York hostel for the second IOU Respect exchange program. This year’s theme is Building a Culture of Peace, and is based on the framework outlined in UNESCO's Decade for a Culture of Peace.

The goal of the program is to engender friendships that cross the divide of cultural differences and the miles that separate the participants. Each participant will gain a better understanding of their own culture as well as that of the other participating countries. They will learn to appreciate and respect differences in cultures and backgrounds, to be open to different perspectives and ways of doing things, and to develop skills for communicating effectively and positively with those who are different from themselves.

Anyone between the ages of 20 and 25 who has not participated in a prior Hostelling International exchange program is eligible to participate. Each national team will be made up of three males and three females. English is the official language for the program; candidates should speak fluent English to apply.

The program registration fee for selected candidates is $250. All accommodations, meals, and other program expenses when on the ground in New York are covered by HI-USA.

Participants will be selected based on their demonstrated motivation to support and live the principles of intercultural education, respect, tolerance, and understanding that are at the foundation of promoting a culture of peace. The program will be an intensive experience of living, sharing, and learning together in an effort to bridge cultural divides.

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