7 Instagram-Worthy Spots to Make You Fall in Love with Point Reyes

Hi Point Reyes View

When you visit HI Point Reyes, the secluded and serene hostel nestled within the rolling expanse of the Point Reyes National Seashore, you’ll find all your senses treated to inspiring sights, scents and tastes that you’ll want to bottle up and keep forever. Since there’s not an app for that yet, the next best thing is capturing those quintessential Northern California moments to keep for yourself and share with friends and fellow travelers on Instagram. The hostel is a no Wi-Fi zone, so you can take all the snaps and save the filtering and posting for later so you can simply take it all in.

The Tomales Bay Shipwreck 

A favorite of amateur and professional photographers, the worn wooden Tomales Bay shipwreck makes for an excellent subject set against the blue and gold wetlands of Inverness. You can find the old weather- and fire-beaten boat behind the Inverness Store (a great spot to pick up food supplies too), and it makes a great stop on the way to seeing the northern end of the Point Reyes National Seashore.

Monterey Cypress Tree Tunnel 

                                                                 Lacey Bediz

This scenic double row of Monterey Cypress trees lines the road to a Marconi Wireless Station, a former receiving and signaling station that once sent news, weather and general information to ships entering the Golden Gate. Come at the right time and you can capture the rays of the sun beaming down from between the branches or ask your travel companion to catch a snap of you at the center of the beautiful natural tunnel. 

Point Reyes Lighthouse 

The best point to get your picture-perfect post of the Point Reyes Lighthouse is from the top of the 300 steps leading down to the perch overlooking the Pacific. The lookout is often covered in fog, but if you can get there on a clear day, it makes for a really great picture showing off the drama and magnificence of this part of the California coast. 

Local Oysters 

The little towns surrounding HI Point Reyes hostel are small but mighty foodie havens, and whether you’re there to splurge or stick to a budget, it’s pretty much a must to try out the local delicacy: oysters. Hog Island Oysters Company in Marshall is perfect for seasoned shuckers and first-timers, plus you can choose to stick around and picnic on the property or take your shellfish to go to prepare back at the hostel. 

Limantour Beach 

Just a two-mile hike from the hostel’s front door, Limantour Beach offers up stunning views of the Northern coasts’ signature bluffs and windswept sands which stretch for miles alongside foamy white waves. There’s pretty much not a bad photo you can take here, whether it’s on a warm day and the beach is dotted with combers and their dogs, or it’s a moody grey day and you have the whole stretch to yourself.  

The View from the Trails 


While hiking the many trails within the national seashore, be sure to stop every once in a while to capture the view from atop a peak. From wide vistas of the rolling hills of Marin, to up-close shots of bright orange California poppies, there are so many awe-inspiring moments to be caught and kept as memories of serene times. 

HI Point Reyes Hostel 

While you’re enjoying some down time at the hostel, take a look around at the décor and scenery both inside and out and you’ll find many cute little gems for a perfect scene-setting Insta-post. From the #cozy common room to the nautical-meets-California touches on the decks, you can always look back at your posts longingly when you’re planning your next trip. 


Don’t forget to tag @hi_pointreyeshostel in your Instagram photos! If you’re looking for more photographic inspiration, get some tips from our artist in residence Lacey Bediz, and find out how to spend two perfect days in Point Reyes for more snap-worthy moments.