16th Street and Highway 1
Montara, CA 94037

Point Montara Lighthouse presents performance by Keith Evans and Coelacanth

The Point Montara Lighthouse Hostel and the Helen Scarsdale Agency are proud to present a collaborative multimedia performance by sound-art ensemble Coelacanth and experimental filmmaker Keith Evans on Feb. 4 at 8 p.m.

The boundaries of art and music have blurred over the past century with experimentation by multi-disciplinary artists such as John Cage, Christian Marclay, Bruce Connor, and Pauline Oliveros. Sound itself has become a primary material for a growing number of artists who seek to redefine the boundaries between music, sculpture, film, performance, and installation. Both Coelacanth and Keith Evans are renowned artists within this avant-garde tradition.

Working together for a one-night-only performance, these artists will create an immersive experience that is sympathetic with the mysterious, oceanic, and potentially haunted environment of the Point Montara Lighthouse. The main venue for the performance will be the fog-signal building, with additional installations throughout the lighthouse grounds (weather permitting). While the event officially ends at 11 p.m., guests who are staying overnight at the hostel will be treated to an after-hours performance.

About Coelacanth
Coelacanth (Loren Chasse and Jim Haynes) employ the tools of an imagined science to explore the various possibilities for sound to originate from traditionally non-musical materials. Copper, stone, glass, shortwave radio, rust, wind, water, and mud have all been the active participants in Coelacanth's sound events and situations, invoking a sound that is an aggregate of sustained harmonics, continuously evolving sound forms, and broad gestures of textual details, which could be described as "broken minimalism." Both artists have exhibited and performed internationally, and published numerous recordings.

About Keith Evans
Keith Evans hails from the multimedia collective Silt, whose multiple film projections, shadow interferences, kinetic sculptural elements, and resonant sound reveal an interest in the primacy of sensation and set up an emotional dynamic between the performer, the audience, and the space itself. Silt's film material has often been rusted, buried in the ground, consumed by mold and bacteria, and left to interact with the earth's natural alchemical process, like fossilized relics. In performance, the projector beam lights up these organic morphologies, magnetic fields, and bacterial cultures, all combined to manifest a transcendent experience. Evans has exhibited throughout the U.S. with a notable participation in the 2002 Whitney Biennial.

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