16th Street and Highway 1
Montara, CA 94037

Coastside Vipassana Meditation

Vipassana, or mindfulness meditation, was first taught by the Buddha 2,500 years ago. In this style of meditation, widespread today in Southeast Asia and increasingly popular in the West, one learns to watch what arises without judgment or reaction.

In so doing, the mind can become clear and steady, and we begin to see things as they really are, without the distortion of our hopes, fears and confusion. Some apply mindfulness to reduce stress and control pain, and many find the practice a help with daily life, but the Buddha's purpose was clear: this way of seeing leads to freedom from suffering. 

Coastside Vipassana meets at the HI Point Montara Lighthouse on Wednesday evenings, for meditation and a dhamma talk from a visiting teacher. Everyone is welcome -- the merely curious, the earnest beginner, or the dedicated practitioner.

Free (donations appreciated)
If You Go 

Stay overnight at HI Point Montara Lighthouse.