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New HI member discount on audio phrase books for iPod

Hostelling International USA members can now travel with a translator in their ear, thanks to a new discount partnership with CyraKnow, the company that uses iPod technology to help new and seasoned travelers learn the nuances of pronunciation and basic phrases for four major languages in a short period of time.

HI members receive a 25 percent discount on all four of CyraKnow's Rambler iPod audio language phrase books (French, German, Italian, and Spanish), created to help travelers have more fun and get off the beaten path. Each audio phrase book includes over 900 words and phrases that are just two iPod clicks away, as well as a PDF in English of all of the words and phrases available and PDF cards of popular sites and attractions around the world.

"The world is becoming a smaller place, and more Americans are traveling abroad for study or pleasure," says CyraKnow Co-founder and President Jeff Gonsalves. "Rambler enables travelers to pick up the basic words and phrases of a foreign language quickly so they can navigate their way around a country and communicate. Getting off the beaten path and mixing with the locals just became a whole lot easier."

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