OHA Staff & Naturalists

Eric AhnmarkOHA, Outdoor Hostel Adventures, HI USA
OHA Naturalist

Eric is from Columbus, Ohio, and moved to the Bay Area in 2009. An outdoor junkie since childhood, Eric has been a domestic vagabond, visiting 46 states and living in three of the most beautiful -- Arizona, Colorado, and now California.

Eric has been involved with a number of organizations within the conservation field, including the Student Conservation Association, National Park Service, Sierra Club, East Bay Regional Park District and NatureBridge. An avid recycler and champion of all things zero waste, Eric is currently employed by Recology, where he works on San Francisco's Zero Waste 2020 initiative. Eric is an avid outdoorsman and cyclist, and is always looking for the next adventure!

OHA, Outdoor Hostel Adventures, HI USA

Darriel Arnott
OHA Naturalist

Darriel has been a naturalist for 13 years, largely in the Marin Headlands and Point Reyes National Seashore.  Darriel's favorite topics include flora and fauna, Native American history and knowledge, maritime history, and tidepool ecology.  Darriel is also a Registered Nurse and has a background in Wilderness First Aid. 

Neysa BudzinskiOHA, Outdoor Hostel Adventures, HI USA
OHA Naturalist

Neysa began learning about the natural world from an early age from her father, a botanist, and her mother, an avid gardener and animal lover. She loves nothing more than to comb the wild for her favorite medicinal plants and then show them to anyone who will listen and look. She thrives on traveling to places that have proud ancient cultures and excellent food. Her favorite thing about traveling, besides eating and gawking at architecture and art, is meeting people along the way -- usually in hostels. She loves to create, dabbling in photography, origami, and knitting, as well as the fine arts.

Neysa currently resides in the Bay Area because she enjoys the culture and diversity that it offers, but would love to eventually end up in a cabin in some place not worth a bomb.

Fiume Drummond SimnacherOHA, Outdoor Hostel Adventures, HI USA, Naturalist
OHA Naturalist

Fiume spent her early life in the green moors of rural Bradwell, Derbyshire in England’s Peak District, before moving to the wildly different and enchanting Sonoran Desert of Tucson, Arizona. This early exposure to the transformative power of place planted the seeds for her love of travel. A perpetual seeker of intercultural experiences, she has lived in Argentina and Nepal, and has called Northern California home for eight years.

Fiume is passionate about the intersection of social and environmental justice, the wisdom of young people, and making experiential outdoor education equally accessible for all communities. She loves sharing the magic of California's biodiversity with youth, and enjoys kinesthetic and creative endeavors like bike riding, swimming, rock climbing, and getting dirty in gardens.

Gregory Lake
OHA Naturalist

OHA, Outdoor Hostel Adventures, HI USA

Gregory has worked for HI USA's Outdoor Hostel Adventure program since 2007. He is originally from Johannesburg, South Africa and currently resides in the East Bay.

Gregory has over 10 years of experience working in Environmental Education (EE). His career has led him through Arizona, New Mexico, Washington, Oregon, and New Jersey. He received an MBA from Dominican University of California and attended the University of Oregon for his undergraduate degree. Gregory got his start in the EE field while at IslandWood (PSELC) on Bainbridge Island in the Puget Sound near Seattle. Gregory has also previously worked for the National Audubon Society.

Gregory is passionate about both opportunities to travel for work and international business assistance.He specializes in the integration of science, history, and team building to address sustainable solutions to greater issues that are being faced today.  

Christian SchwarzOHA, Outdoor Hostel Adventures, HI USA
OHA Naturalist

Christian is a naturalist from Santa Cruz who has spent most of the last ten years learning and teaching about the mushrooms of California. His co-authored field guide to Californian fungi: Mushrooms of the Redwood Coast will be available in 2016.

Christian is also an avid birder and tidepool-explorer. He is interested in cultivating a vibrant citizen science community in the Bay Area, in addition to encouraging the conservation of wild habitats.

Joe Stack
OHA Naturalist OHA, Outdoor Hostel Adventures, HI USA

Born and raised in the Bay Area, Joe has been exploring the great outdoors since childhood. He graduated from California State University, Sacramento with a degree in Recreation Administration. Joe has spent his entire life developing his skills, education, and experiences to become a Bay Area expert in outdoor recreation.

Joe's c
ertifications include Emergency Medical Technician, Sea Kayak certification from the American Canoe Association, Firefighter 1, and Wilderness First Aid. He has worked for in both the public (East Bay Regional Park District) and non profit (Janet Pomeroy Center) sectors providing outdoor recreation services for the last 13 years.