Hike for the future of Point Reyes with the Trails Challenge

Point Reyes National Seashore is celebrating its 50th anniversary with a Trails Challenge fundraiser! The Point Reyes National Seashore Association, the park's nonprofit partner, and the National Park Service are establishing a Trails Trust for the well-loved trails and paths of Point Reyes that need to be updated and maintained. In honor of the park's birthday, and to kickstart trail renovations, the Trails Challenge -- which challenges hikers and equestrians to explore all 150 miles of trails -- is a benefit for the Trails Trust.

Though 150 miles of trails seems daunting, there are five different challenge tracks, so there's something for everyone and every fitness level. The All Park Challenge includes all 150 miles, while the 50 for the 50th Challenge is 50 miles and the Family Challenge is 20 miles. There's also a Five Habitats Challenge, where hikers explore the five major habitats of the park, and the Equestrian Challenge which includes all the horse-friendly trails in the park.

The Trails Challenge website has wonderfully detailed park maps that include dozens of trails, some well-known, others more obscure. Registration is free and participants earn a Trails Challenge t-shirt and other premiums with a minimum of $50 in pledges. The challenge begins on June 2, which is also National Trails Day, and the park is throwing a kick-off party to commemorate the day.

Point Reyes National Seashore has welcomed visitors from all over the world for 50 years, and countless footprints have left impressions on the trails, slowly corroding the land. The Point Reyes Trails Trust will restore the popular paths and trails that have been blazed by hikers for five decades, and create new signage for less well-know trails.

The Point Reyes Hostel is the only lodging available within the park, and makes a great Trails Challenge base camp! As always, hikers who arrive at the hostel on foot get a discount of $2 per night. 

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Stay at the Point Reyes Hostel, welcoming travelers, and hikers, to the Point Reyes National Seashore for 40 years.