"Aerial dancers" perform in SF -- on the side of a building! (Sept. 26-29)

Free public art abounds in San Francisco, but one new piece that's a cut above the rest is an aerial dance and multimedia production entitled Niagara Falling. From September 26-29, aerial dancers will be suspended from the side of a historic downtown building, performing amidst images of San Francisco and Niagara Falls.

The skyline of the Mid-Market Corridor sets the stage for this innovative, interdisciplinary artistic collaboration, where dancers perform on the building exterior. The effect is intended to resemble swimming -- but in the air!

The free, 30-minute, site-specific performances run twice each evening, at 8:30 and 9:30 p.m., on the west wall of the Renoir Hotel (5 blocks from the San Francisco City Center Hostel and 7 blocks from the San Francisco Downtown Hostel.)

Presented by Flyaway Productions and Dancers' Group/ONSITE, Niagara Falling aims to express both the positive and negative aspects of life in the two cities, with images ranging from natural beauty and gleaming architecture to poverty, urban decay, and natural erosion. Against the backdrop of these images, aerial dancers in life jackets and industrial chains "swim" against the currents of social inequality.

For more ideas about where to go to see live performance art in San Francisco, check out this blog post written by one of our Downtown Hostel staffers.

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