Action For Nature: In search of International Young Eco Heroes

Application Deadline: February 28, 2015

Action for Nature, a nonprofit organization based in San Francisco, is looking for young environmentalists to apply for their annual International Young Eco-Hero Awards in 2015. Similar to Hostelling International's Outdoor Hostel Adventure program, the Eco-Hero Awards encourage environmental education, stewardship, and advocacy among youth. Qualifying applications should have projects that include environmental health, advocacy, research, or protection. The 1st place cash prize is $500. Eco-Hero Award recipients will also receive publicity through Action for Nature's website, social media, video, and newsletters.

The 2014 Eco-Hero Award winners are a diverse group of young people who share a passion for environmental activism; they include: Deepika Kurup, a young scientist who is passionate about helping people gain access to clean water using a solar powered purification system she designed; Dylan Vecchione, founder of the nonprofit organization ReefQuest, whose mission is to foster marine environmental stewardship though citizen science; Ishita Singhal, who started a project called C.R.A.F.T. (Creating Awareness For Tomorrow) to spread awareness about the importance of a clean environment and better hygienic conditions in her home country of India; and Josiah Utsch and Ridgley Kelly, who created the website, to gengerate awareness and raise funds to support the research and conservations of the chambered nautilus.

These young people provide a few examples of the type of youth initiatives Action For Nature aims to support. For complete application guidelines, go to Action for Nature's website. For more information, contact Program Coordinator Lloyd Simpson at

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