As a nonprofit organization, HI USA is committed to making Outdoor Hostel Adventures accessible to as many children as possible, through affordably priced programs and our Dorothy Fowler OHA Scholarship fund.

Full Day & Night OHA Program Cost
Includes pre-trip curriculum and naturalist-facilitated program

Lodging Cost

Rates vary by your chosen hostel location, but are generally $29-$35 per bed. Hostel accommodations include use of kitchen and dining facilities where groups can prepare meals. Group catering service is also available at the Marin Headlands Hostel. Groups are responsible for arranging transportation to the hostel.

Minimum group size is 10.

Have questions? Please contact us.

For reservations, please use our Program Request Form or email info@hosteladventures.org

Dorothy Fowler OHA Scholarships

Scholarships are available, based on need, for groups participating in Outdoor Hostel Adventures (OHA). These grants support the commitment of Hostelling International to provide opportunities for youth in underserved communities by environmental education.

Revenue that supports the Dorothy Fowler OHA Scholarship Fund is raised by HI USA, Northwest Region. The generosity of individual donors, private donations and foundation and governmental grants makes these scholarships possible.  

Scholarship Guidelines

Groups may apply for OHA Scholarships based only on the need of their students.

Grant awards consider the demonstrated financial need of students, as well as evidence that teachers or group leaders are using the OHA program to support student learning and performance, by linking pre- and post-trip classroom projects to the OHA experience.

Groups who have never received an OHA Scholarship and are deemed eligible, and groups who have never participated in an OHA program before, may receive additional consideration.

The average scholarship award covers 15-50% of the group's program fees. Grants are not cash gifts; they will appear as a credit on the final invoice.

How to Apply

Groups may apply for scholarship funds only AFTER reserving a program.

Step 1: Make your program reservation using the online reservation request form.

Step 2: Receive your program confirmation.

Step 3: Contact us to request a scholarship application.

Step 4: Complete and return your application. Applications are reviewed approximately every 15 days, and will not be considered if received less than 30 days prior to your reserved program dates.

Grants for partial scholarships are available, based on need, for groups participating in OHA. These grants support the commitment of Hostelling International to provide opportunities for youth in communities underserved by environmental education.

Funds for OHA Scholarships are raised by HI USA. These scholarships enable groups to participate in the OHA program who would otherwise not be able to access experiential environmental education. Funds are limited. The generosity of individual donors as well as foundation and government grants make these scholarships possible.