Travel Writing Freewrite Workshop at the Redwood Hostel

Have you always wanted to put your globetrotting adventures down on paper, but never quite knew where to start? Then head to the Redwood National Park Hostel for a free travel writing freewrite workshop.

Whether you work in fiction, nonfiction, or poetry, Redwood Hostel managers Ryan Forsythe and Kaci Elder -- who are experienced travelers and writers themselves -- will show you how to unleash the travel writer in you using freewriting exercises.

"Freewrites" are short (5-10 minute) writing exercises designed to help you write continuously, without pausing for revisions or grammar/spelling corrections. The premise behind freewriting is "first thought, best thought." Kaci and Ryan will provide prompts to encourage your creativity, and after 2-3 freewriting exercises, participants who choose to share their work can present to the group.

100 Years of Hostelling

This event is part of a series of celebrations marking the 100th anniversary of the hostelling movement and the 75th anniversary of Hostelling International USA. The Redwood Hostel is hosting several other events in honor of this anniversary, including:

August 23: Anniversary Party and Open House
August 27
: World Travel 101 Workshop
August 28: Documentary Friday Goes Hostelling
August 29: Family-Friendly Hike to Hidden Beach

For more information about the 100 Years of Hostelling celebrations:


Redwood National Park Hostel
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Tuesday, August 25, 2009 -
8:00pm to 9:00pm
Please Note 

For more information, call the hostel at (707) 482-8265 or email

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Stay overnight at the Redwood Hostel.