The Illusionless Man and the Visionary Maid

The Dance Palace Community Center in Point Reyes Station presents John Korty's The Illusionless Man and the Visionary Maid, and independent feature from the '60s, based on a comic fable by Allen Wheelis.

The film was praised by the New York Times: "John Korty makes his debut exploring the very meaning of life and love... with wit and high good humor... Hilarious!"

Photographed in Stinson Beach and San Francisco, the black-and-white film has an original score by Peter Schickele and narration by Burgess Meredith. This 70-minute director's cut was recently produced for the 2010 DVD release, and includes an interview with Wheelis.


Dance Palace Communtiy Center

$10 / $8 Seniors
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If You Go 

Stay at the Point Reyes Hostel, 8 miles from Point Reyes Station.