Bike and Hike the Wetland Edge of Lake Earl

Bike and hike your way around the awesome outer edges of Lake Earl and Tolowa Dunes State Park. Encircle the largest coastal lagoon this side of Alaska as you pedal past blooming flowers, natural sand dunes, and medicinal plants long beloved by the Tolowa Indians. We'll tread lightly on the earth as we appreciate a (hopefully) sunny day on wheels.

Tolowa Dunes State Park and Lake Earl wildlife areas are an ancient sand dune complex and coastal lagoon, located just 2 miles north of Crescent City and 15 miles north of the hostel. The Tolowa Indians have long considered this area to be the center of their universe, and sacred ceremonies continue to be held here, to ensure the Tolowa way of life survives.

RSVP to (707) 954-5253, email, or simply arrive with your curiosity in tow!


Meet at the Lake Earl Wildlife Headquarters, Crescent City

Please Note 

For more information, call (707) 954-5253 or email

Wear sturdy shoes and bring water, bug repellent, and a hat.

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