Green Hostels Project

We believe in traveling lightly -- impacting people not the environment, taking only photographs and leaving only footprints. We work actively to care for the environment and communities that are home to our hostels.

The Green Hostels Project is designed to promote conservation and efficiency, and help our guests to minimize the environmental impact of their travels. Our Northern California hostels are committed to meeting ALL of the following criteria.

Our Commitment to Green Hostels

Environmentally Friendly Products

Use all-purpose, non-toxic household cleaning products.
Use maintenance products that will not cause damage.
Use phosphate-free dish washing liquid and laundry soap.
Use paper products that are compostable or made from post-consumer recycled paper.

Solid Waste Reduction

Refuse to buy products that harm the environment.
Reduce waste and recycle as many materials as possible.
Reuse or give things away.
Compost organics.

Water Conservation

Install low-flow faucets and showerheads.
Reduce the amount of water the toilet uses.
Repair all leaks and drips.

Energy Conservation

Arrange energy usage audit with local energy company.
Install energy-efficient lighting.
Weatherproof doors, windows, attics, and basements.
Insulate water heater and pipes, and window coverings.

Interpretive programming and community outreach

Display results of retrofits that conserve the environment.
Provide literature about low-impact, eco-friendly travel.
Tell guests about local nature and natural history museums.

Green Certification

The following hostels have been officially certified as Bay Area Green Businesses.